‘Exploring Trócaires Development Education concepts through the lens of related SDG’s and Professional Guidance for Inclusion Co-Ordinator’s (INCO’s)’

WITH WHOM:  This session will be facilitated by Colette Saunders,  Trocaire Early Years Development Education Officer

WHAT: During the workshops, Trócaire, Development Education and the Sustainable Development Goals are introduced. Following this,  the five core concepts of development education are presented.  These concepts are exploring inequalities at local and global levels; considering a human rights approach rather than a charity approach; exploring diverse perspectives on development; the everyday reality for those experiencing poverty; and the importance of valuing unique identities and respecting the unique identity of others. After this, the focus of the workshop shifts to creating links between professional guidance and development education and strategies which have proven effective to use with young children, in order to engage them with learning related to Development Education.